Upcoming Conventions & Integrating Inventory Management

Aloha Cheeky Fam,

Now that conventions are returning, applications for artist alley's across the US have started opening up! We've applied to and are awaiting correspondence from the following (we have been confirmed for the conventions in bold):

Kawaii Kon - Honolulu, Hawaii - April 22-24

A-Kon - Irving, Texas - June 3-5

Animanga Atlanta - Atlanta, Georgia - June 10-12

Geekcraft Expo - Portland, Oregon - June 18-19

Bizbaz - San Diego, California - June 26

Supercon - Miami, Florida - July 8-10

Tekko 2022 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - July 21-24

SF Fan Expo - San Francisco, California - November 25-27

A comprehensive list of the conventions happening across the US can be found here on Animecons

In addition to several new collections of merchandise designed with anime conventions in mind we're looking into figuring out the best possible solution for inventory management across our stores on Etsy, Shopify, and Square! Look forward to a new and improved experience with Cheekytweethart if you're able to make it out to see us at any conventions.